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Kitchen Hoods & Halton UV Technology

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Commercial Kitchen exhaust Hood install & service

Cool Flow Mechanical is your best choice for commercial kitchen exhaust hood installation and service. When you use Cool Flow for your kitchen exhaust project you get incredible experience and quality at below market costs. We can take your entire project from conception to completion on time and under budget.
For customers who only need us to complete a few or even one aspect of their project we offer any part as individual service at incredibly competitive rates.  


Our services:

-Mechanical engineering 
-Seismic engineering
-Standard ducting, welded ducting, stainless steel ducting
-Hood hanging and installs 

-Exhaust fans 
-Controls and control panel diagnostics

-Commission and start ups

Halton Marvel and uv Light Capture Ray Technology

 Cool Flow Mechanical Ltd. is an official Halton Factory Service Agent. 


Stricter requirements for exhaust hood equipment are increasingly being required by Vancouver municipality as well as by engineers for new commercial buildings. The best solution for this is a UV MARVEL hood system produced by Halton it uses powerful UV light to convert grease vapor into harmless and clean, water, carbon dioxide and basic minerals with virtually no grease deposits left on the duct or exhaust fan.

 Halton products dramatically reduce costs and down time and is already in use successfully as the exclusive system for major commercial sites such as YVR Airport, Metropolis Metrotown, The University of British Columbia, Cadillac Fairview, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Park Royal, among others. They are also used by smaller scale application such as, small commercial kitchens and retirement homes.

 Ultimately using the Halton UV MARVEL system drastically reduces the need for filters replacements and duct cleanings as well as meeting strict new engineering requirements set out by the city of Vancouver. This means reduced operation costs, reduced downtime as well as a more streamlined process when dealing with the city of Vancouver. 

 Cool Flow will engineer the perfect design for your exhaust ducting as well as bring in a Halton sales rep to get you the best equipment for your location. We take care of the process from concept to completion on time and on budget.