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hvac & refrigeration

“Our company is built on long-term relationships. We do not take on new customers unless we can guarantee maintaining our high standard of service;

this ensures our response time is fast, and our service first class.”


- The Cool Flow Team

commercial hvac

Temperature control in your commercial space is one of the most important aspects of productivity and comfort for you and your employees. When HVAC systems go down, it causes unnecessary expenses and major headaches. Most of the major problems that occur in the commercial HVAC industry are due to improper installation and/or poor maintenance service. With changes in global temperature patterns, businesses are increasingly relying on the dependability and efficiency of power consumption in their heating and cooling systems. Therefore, it is incredibly important to use a high-quality HVAC install and service contractor when it comes to your HVAC system investment.

Cool Flow has a vast amount of experience in commercial HVAC, with customer service and quality standards that are second to none. Our promise and passion is to provide our customers with equipment that is sized and installed to provide the highest efficiency and lowest costs. Our service maintenance programs are designed to save you money and headaches by preventing problems before they occur, and fixing problems that do occur with the lowest cost, and shortest downtime.

commercial refrigeration

Businesses that depend on refrigeration to keep their operation running understand how important it is to have a reliable and trustworthy refrigeration contractor. When your refrigeration system is down, it can leave you dead in the water. At Cool Flow, our fast response times and high standard of service is aims to reduce your downtime, costs, and increase your efficiency. Our installs are carefully planned, drawing upon decades of experience providing the best sized equipment at the lowest cost for optimum dollar to performance value.